Mission: This podcast aims to address white privilege through stories of underrepresented people at the University of Denver, a predominately white institution, to build a greater understanding of how our actions impact one another.



I am a second-year graduate student studying International and Intercultural Communication (IIC) at the University of Denver (DU). Since I started listening to podcasts many years ago, I fell in love with narrative storytelling. I was moved from uncontrollable laughter to blinding tears while listening to This American Life or the Moth podcasts. This deep impact on my emotional psyche caused me to look deeper into the effects of storytelling once I began an Intercultural Communication course at DU.


Both in my research and personal experience, I found that storytelling connects listeners to the interrelatedness of the things in the world. These connections can create a depth of understanding that goes beyond numbers and data by evoking empathy and self-reflection. After hearing about the racial unrest during fall quarter 2016, I thought that if DU students could form these informational and emotional connections, we might be able to have a more open and welcoming campus climate. I hope that this podcast allows students, faculty and staff at DU to gain a better understanding of our underrepresented campus population. Additionally, I hope that those outside the DU community will gain an understanding of the cultural climate within a predominantly white institution and the impact it can have on minority groups.


I am an artist, a gardener, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend and an empath. I graduated from Eckerd College with a degree in Anthropology and dual minors in Art and Spanish. I enjoy traveling and breaking out of my comfort zone.